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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Shape of Mentoring Is Changing

Mentoring used to be a long-term, one-way, and usually top-down relationship. Typically an older, more experienced professional mentored a younger "protege," in a formal or informal mentoring relationship.

Today, mentoring happens in a variety of configurations: in formal mentoring programs (inside or outside the workplace), and in formal or informal arrangements such as peer mentoring, reverse mentoring, flash mentoring, and "mentors of the moment."

Mentoring is an especially important career advancement tool for women, who are typically left out of "old boys' networks" or who have lost traction in their careers because they may have stepped out to bear and raise children.

The Greater Washington Network (of ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership) is devoting an afternoon of its program "In Honor of Women & the Women Who Advance Excellence in Associations" to exploring the variety of mentoring options now available.

Kathleen Matthews, Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Public Affairs for Marriott International, will keynote the November 7th event. Sessions will cover everything from the evolution of the woman leader, to using conflict and negotiation for mutual advantage, and making yourself heard.

As noted above, the day includes a mentoring workshop in the afternoon. To date, scheduled speakers for the mentoring session include Anitha Raj (on tips for mentors and proteges), Scott Derrick (on Flash Mentoring), and yours truly (on mentoring from the inside out, including finding "mentors of the moment").

Online registration is available. See you there?


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