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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In Praise of Networks -- and Thanks to Nam Pho

Seeing that I'm sending this from a writers' conference, I suppose I should wax poetic. But in this case I hope a simple thank you will do.

A thank you for the generosity (and good record-keeping) of the people in my network, for connecting me with computer experts who advised me on what might be going on with my computer crash (see previous post). In the end, Nam Pho, in Manassas, VA, diagnosed the problem and was able to retrieve my data. I was back up much sooner than I expected!

A thank you to Nam and a thank you to Chris Montone, for referring me to Nam.

Readers, if you'd like to keep Nam's phone number in your file for just such emergencies (but he also does other computer things, too), let me know.


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